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About us.

13055297_10154152614778390_6494855651429372433_nYou probably already know that we won season 3 of "Balss!" which is the Latvian version of "The Voice." Aside from that gratuitous bit of name-dropping, the only important thing about us is that we're like a...a...I don't know, like a damn phoenix, except rather than rising from ashes, we rise from a mountain of maple frosting and bacon-covered long johns. Here are some other "fascinating" things about us:

- We have recorded many songs, mostly about food and monkeys.
- We have played in many states in front of many peoples.
- We have played with some famous bands. We have even eaten some of their steaks. Unwittingly.
- We formed in Fargo in 1990-something. Holy shit! You should have seen all the flannel!
- We were on hiatus from 2000 - 2007, but still sent each other cards. Sometimes they were the cards with the little musical thing on the inside, but not always. This disparity caused some hard feelings.
- Our practice space is flanked by two bands who look at our horns as if they were tools from a spaceship, the sole purpose of which is to inseminate cattle.
- We are working on a concept double-album that will be released on vinyl with a board game. Do you know why? Because when 3 Minute Hero has regenerated from its pile of long johns for the last time, people will say, "Remember when they released a concept double-album on vinyl with a board game?" And from beyond the grave, we shall answer in unison: "Yes. And it was awesome."

And then those people who were talking will soil their cargo shorts.

Rock, Funk, Reggae, Ska

* Jeff Nelson (2nd trombone, lead vocals)
* Jay Kalk (vocals, guitar)
* Bryce Blilie (trumpet)
* Paul Gronert (saxophone)
* Matt Hanzelka (trombone)
* Jonathon TeBeest (drums)
* Dave Kittelson (bass)
* Al Berg (Keys)

Constructed in an abandoned Air Force hangar on the outskirts of Fargo, North Dakota by a team of pedagogues, demagogues, and collectors of pogs under the direction of The Head, what emerged was a crack force of fighters. Yes: they are musicians, but fighters first. They fight musical mediocrity. They fight against the urge to remain motionless at live music shows. They fight the laws of an over-reaching government that says, "What are you doing? You have to urinate INSIDE." They fight for YOU.

The most important thing you need to know about 3 Minute Hero is that all of its members are constructed of carbon-fiber moldings attached to tungsten frames. This is why all of them are so incredibly strong yet light as, say, a medium-sized wedding cake. The Head decided that these nominally human players (all functions stem from their original human brains, but may be over-ridden by The Head) were far more reliable than their all-human predecessors who nearly perished, in their entirety, during the controversial "Krakatoa: We Dare You" festival. Dare they did and paid were the consequences. [Graph that last sentence, pantalones intelligentes!]

And now some truth...In the fall of 1995, an MSU student named Steve Blondo along with Jay Kalk had the idea to form a ska band in Fargo/Moorhead. We rose to fame in the FM scene and the local college circuit. After winning a bus in the Old Broadway's battle of the band contest, and signing with Barking Dog Records to create our first album "Bingo", we quit school, moved down to the Minneapolis/St Paul area and successfully toured for the next 4 years. We toured the southwest, east coast, and the 6 state upper midwest, opening for major label acts, and produced 3 more albums "Everyday Ninjas", "Operation Brownstar" and "F-Minus".

Whether it was for 10 people in a dark coffee shop, or for the 900 or so that came to our last show in November of 2000, it was ALWAYS about putting on an incredible, undeniable, powerful show that you went home and told your friends about.

Current Location:
Minneapolis and St Paul, MN

Artists We Also Like:
Jackson Pollack, Roy Lichtenstein, a little Dali -- but not too much.

None. Everything we produce comes directly from the smithy of our souls -- tainted neither by the dead classics nor popular culture. Maybe it's tainted by irony, which is admittedly pretty unpopular in this post 9/11 world. We'll just have to take our chances with that and hope for the best.

Band Interests:

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