3 Minute Hero a musical band of 8

About us.

- We have recorded many songs, mostly about food and monkeys.
- We have played in many states in front of many peoples.
- We have played with some famous bands. We have even eaten some of their steaks. Unwittingly.
- We formed in Fargo in 1990-something. Holy shit! You should have seen all the flannel!
- We were on hiatus from 2000 - 2007, but still sent each other cards. Sometimes they were the cards with the little musical thing on the inside, but not always. This disparity caused some hard feelings.
- Our practice space is flanked by two bands who look at our horns as if they were tools from a spaceship, the sole purpose of which is to inseminate cattle.
- We are working on a concept double-album that will be released on vinyl with a board game. Do you know why? Because when 3 Minute Hero has regenerated from its pile of long johns for the last time, people will say, "Remember when they released a concept double-album on vinyl with a board game?" And from beyond the grave, we shall answer in unison: "Yes. And it was awesome."

And then those people who were talking will soil their cargo shorts.

Rock, Funk, Reggae, Ska

* Jeff Nelson (2nd trombone, lead vocals)
* Jay Kalk (vocals, guitar)
* Bryce Blilie (trumpet)
* Paul Gronert (saxophone)
* Matt Hanzelka (trombone)
* Jonathon TeBeest (drums)
* Dave Kittelson (bass)
* Al Berg (Keys)

Constructed in an abandoned Air Force hangar on the outskirts of Fargo, North Dakota by a team of pedagogues, demagogues, and collectors of pogs under the direction of The Head, what emerged was a crack force of fighters. Yes: they are musicians, but fighters first. They fight musical mediocrity. They fight against the urge to remain motionless at live music shows. They fight the laws of an over-reaching government that says, "What are you doing? You have to urinate INSIDE." They fight for YOU.

The most important thing you need to know about 3 Minute Hero is that all of its members are constructed of carbon-fiber moldings attached to tungsten frames. This is why all of them are so incredibly strong yet light as, say, a medium-sized wedding cake. The Head decided that these nominally human players (all functions stem from their original human brains, but may be over-ridden by The Head) were far more reliable than their all-human predecessors who nearly perished, in their entirety, during the controversial "Krakatoa: We Dare You" festival. Dare they did and paid were the consequences. [Graph that last sentence, pantalones intelligentes!]

And now some truth...In the fall of 1995, an MSU student named Steve Blondo along with Jay Kalk had the idea to form a ska band in Fargo/Moorhead. We rose to fame in the FM scene and the local college circuit. After winning a bus in the Old Broadway's battle of the band contest, and signing with Barking Dog Records to create our first album "Bingo", we quit school, moved down to the Minneapolis/St Paul area and successfully toured for the next 4 years. We toured the southwest, east coast, and the 6 state upper midwest, opening for major label acts, and produced 3 more albums "Everyday Ninjas", "Operation Brownstar" and "F-Minus".

Current Location:
Minneapolis and St Paul, MN

Artists We Also Like:
Jackson Pollack, Roy Lichtenstein, a little Dali -- but not too much.

None. Everything we produce comes directly from the smithy of our souls -- tainted neither by the dead classics nor popular culture. Maybe it's tainted by irony, which is admittedly pretty unpopular in this post 9/11 world. We'll just have to take our chances with that and hope for the best.

Band Interests:

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