Works in Progress #7: La Piscina

We debuted three new songs last week at the Bunker’s show: “La Piscina,” “Crazy Uncle,” and “Brown Flamingos.” Following “Ice Cream,” they will be songs two, three, and four of the forthcoming concept double album tentatively titled “The Journey of the Hero: Jumbo-Jet Whispers & Thunder-Lizard Serenades.” Snippets of lyrics have appeared here before, but here’s all of “La Piscina.”  Close one eye and imagine me singing this to you from the next room. Creepy, isn’t it?

“These trunks from Pic n’ Save won’t make it ’til Labor day;

There’s enough chlorine in there to dissolve the Saratoga.

Drive over your CRV to our little pool party.

Kick off your Docs, slip on your suit. You’re pretty hot but not that cute.

We’re taking a break from bowties, drive-by shootings, and butter-flavored topping.

We just want to get wet.

And forget.

Watch your head and your toes. Sawgrass and palmettos

Will carve you up like an Easter ham and let you bleed out on the sand.

Redneck in his cut-off jeans stirs beneath the evergreens.

He flicks a beercan full of ash — we hear a ‘clink’ when we should hear a splash.


I’m not asking for a sign of good faith from the cosmos:

no burning bushes or bosso profundos from the depths of the whirl wind.

Oooh-la-la-la piscina (the pool is closed)

La-la-la piscina (the pool is closed)

La-la-la piscina (the pool is closed)

La-la-la Piscina

And everybody knows

That the pool’s closed.

Everybody knows

That the pool’s closed for the summer time.


(We move ahead) nearly at the speed of light.

(We pass you by) like a lonely satellite.

You know that there’s no other way.

(We’ve got the will) and we’ve got velocity.

We need a (hint) a (clue) a (key)

We need a guide to show the way (We need a guide to show the way)”


All of this particular material is copyrighted ©2013 Jeff Nelson.