Thanks Captain’s!

Well another installment in the continuing story of Captains Getaway gigs is in the books. This year we only played on Saturday night but the place was packed, probably due to the rain outside and no cover to get in, but we’d like to think there were at least 9 people there because they had heard of us before.

On Friday night the “Church of Cash”, a Johnny Cash cover band featuring our own Jayder and JT (and EX bass player DAN), rocked out Captains and only had requests to play Folsom Prison Blues 8 times – a good night. I’m still waiting for a reggae version of “Hurt”.

Saturday afternoon found Jay, Eric and myself and our respective women on the lake in a rented boat. There was no way I was going to ‘Boji with my Captains uniform in tow and not go for a boat ride. Upon discovering a secret cove where all the cool kids hung out, the transmission of our gallant ship of the line refused to engage any of the gears that would make us go forward. With no sail or oars to speak of, First mate Johnson handedly steered the boat backwards out of harms way (harms way consisting of grown men wearing purple body suits as pictured here). I’m sure he’ll make someone an excellent First Officer someday.

With no major show hiccups and 3x the volcanoes, we gave Dave his first (and last?) monkey bump in a newly re-finished band house. We instituted and documented “Shart week” and enjoyed each others company talking about the old days, and puke stories, and coors and miller lite.

Who knows what next year will bring? Volcanoes probably.

B Rizzo