City Pages A List May 20 1998

“These careening ska scrapers from Moorhead have three things going for them: Like Bim Skala Bim, they can make a room explode without resorting to hardcore breaks; like the artist formerly known as James Brown, they seem to evince a rare strain of mania; and like, well, nobody, the sing about the joys of eating pie filling from the can and blasting Styx off the front porch – the latter being their grand metaphor for America. This ensembles proud(and perhaps permanent) undergrad status has its own charm (“four years down and three to go” sings trombonist Jeff Nelson on their new everyday ninjas CD). I also like the simple rationale they offer in interviews for playing the worlds most overplayed music: “Ska has horns. Horns are good.” Same to you, buddy. Unisense opens. $5 9pm Fine Line Music Cafe 318 First Ave N Mpls”

Same to you City Pages.